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David Yauch, Certified Trainer
Natural Horse Training in Culpeper, VA


Morgan Springs Farm
11149 Mill Stone Lane
Culpeper, VA 22701


Call or email now to see if you are eligible for David to come meet you and your horse. He may be able to do a no-cost assessment of your situation at your farm, barn, or facility, and provide you advice and counsel (no-cost assessment eligible if within a reasonable drive’s distance) Keeping Charm's Attention David asking to keep Golden Charm’s attention at a Starting Clinic, day 1. You must have a horse’s attention before effective training can take place. And what you have on the ground, you get in the saddle. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your horse’s attention at all times, whether on the ground or in the saddle? Photo by Jordan Koepke. Golden Charm, a 10 yo Palamino Gypsy Vanner mare, owned by Alaria Moss Gypsy Horses.

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